OHV Membership Application Form for 2019

Who Are You?
Fill in the names for you and optionally other family members who will participate in orienteering including rogaining. Asterisked items are mandatory.
Person 1
See below for possible discounts, otherwise leave blank
From Red for expert, though Orange, Yellow to White for Beginner; and Nil for "unable to navigate unacompanied". If not sure, enter "White".
How can we Contact You?
The best number to contact you at home
An alternative phone number
This will be used for most official communications such as AGM notifications, and regular news bulletins.
Calculate the Subscription
The normal rate is $30 for adults 21+ as at 31 December; and $15 for juniors up to 20 as at 31 December. But you may be eligible for... Members new to orienteering, halve the rate for the first year. Those whose main affiliation is another ONZ club, halve the rate. Members named in the "VIP List" at the last AGM, halve the rate. Juniors up to and including year 8 at school, who are part of a family membership including a senior, the fee is zero.
Give number of seniors aged 21+ as at 31 December of the subscription year
The normal sub is $30 per person, but incorporate the discounts above
Give number of juniors aged up to 20 as at 31 December of the subscription year
The normal junior amount is $15 but incorporate any discounts above
Add up the payments yourself, the form doesn't calculate them. Payment is done separately, we'll give instructions after you submit. Your application is complete when the club receives the money
I/We consent to the collection of the details on this form by Orienteering Hutt Valley for the normal purposes of running a sporting organisation. I understand that I have the right to access and corrrect this information, and that the details will not be supplied to any third party. This agreement applies to all those named on the form.